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From: “S2000 Door Ding Gone!” – Nov 4th 2016

I bought my S2000 with this super annoying door dent I always stared at. Every photo I took I had to photoshop out that stupid dent. I got fed up and decided to fix the dent.

I sent Pak @ Vancouver Dent Pro a text message with photos of my dent for an estimate and he gave me a price to fix my dent at my home since my S2000 was not insured.

Fun fact: He was the painter for RWB Royal Ocean so he knows his stuff.s2000-left-front-fender-ding-befores2000-left-front-fender-ding-after
See the photo and entire process here: Honda S2000 door ding fix



From: “Mike, North Vancouver” – August 29th 2016

My car had a couple really nasty dents on the doors and quarter panels. The specialists from Vancouver Dent Pro took care of every one. I requested that no holes be drilled into the door jams for access to some of the more hard to reach areas. They were able to accommodate. I was initially informed that a couple dents may not 100% gone due to my request not to drill. But the guys worked their magic, the dents looked and felt completely gone. Just like the day the car left the factory. These guys are quick to respond, have top notch customer service, and are highly skilled. Best of all, they understand and are willing to cater to the needs of extremely picky auto enthusiasts.

From: “Give Dent Pro or Pak a call and I’m sure you will be satisfied” – November 2016

If you have driven your car enough you would know that dents are almost inevitable regardless of your driving skills. This is when Dent Pro comes into play that could potentially save you the hassle and money of going into the shop for just a dent repair.The repair process for me was as smooth and painless as it gets. Pak was called upon by my auto body shop to fix a couple of dents that they missed and he came right to my doorstep to perform the repair with a full arsenal of tools that I’m sure could go beyond just a dent repair.The dents were located in some nasty spots on my car that I thought, at first, would require dissembling of the entire door panel in order to get to. Pak did a quick but thorough assessment and told me that he had just the right tools to get to those spots and get the job done. After that, it was just smooth sailing. I ain’t gonna lie, I am a super picky guy, so I stood behind him and monitored his work the entire time to make sure no sloppy work was done. And man, did he do a great job! All dents were fixed and polished perfectly within 30 minutes or so, and Pak was nice enough to also take care of a couple of easy-to-remove scratches free of charge! The guy sure didn’t lie when he said you could rest assured that you will be treated with kindness. Aside from his professional dent repair skills and knowledge, Pak from Dent Pro is a terrific guy with the experiences and authenticity that you can rely on for all your dent-related and even auto-related problems. I was able to learn a lot of from him about mods, repairs, and some tricks on DIY projects. Overall, if you would like a quick dent/ding/scratch repair for your car without the hassle and the feeling of being overcharged at the shop, WHILE being treated like a friend, give Dent Pro or Pak a call and I’m sure you will be satisfied.I can write a thousand words about how awesome these guys are and you still wouldn’t believe me. Why? Because this is the INTERNET. Give Dent Pro a call next time you have a dent problem and you will know for sure.

From: “dent even crossed the hard-edge raised body line” – Sept 2016

I hired Vancouver Dent Pro to fix a dent on the door of my 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland caused by a LARGE branch hitting my rear passenger door after it hit the ground. The dent even crossed the hard-edge raised body line on the door but now there is no evidence it was ever there – the door looks perfect! Based upon this result I had them fix 2 annoying dents on my 1957 Chevy Nomad show car and 2 more on my minty 1978 Grand Marquis with original paint. Very different paint and metal types and again the dents have disappeared – I cannot find any evidence that they ever existed and I know exactly where they were. Highly recommended and already referred to friends and family!

From: “What a beautiful repair”

From single dent repairs to multiple dents on a hail damaged vehicle we never have any quality concerns. Most of the time I am saying ‘What a beautiful repair’ when it’s done. Vancouver Dent Pro is very pleasant and good to work with.  We will recommend Vancouver Dent Pro for any dent repairs you may require.  – Austin.